Witch Slapped
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Witch Slapped

Product Code: DARAPLF700

In Witch Slapped, you are an evil witch looking to set up your gingerbread house in a dark forest and start gobbling up local children. Upon arrival, you discover some other witches have had the same idea. Now it is time to throw down and do a little magic to claim the forest as your own. If those other witches won't leave, they are going to get witch slapped!

Each player chooses a witch and is given nine lives. Next they are dealt five spell cards for their hand and one spell card face down. The dealer is the witch with the lowest life. Once the dealer says go the round begins!

The round is played over three phases. 1) Super Fast Set Collection - the witches are trying to collect a set of matching spell cards via Super Fast card drafting (not kidding about the Super Fast, if you aren't fast you might as well witch slap yourself....) 2) Slapping - once the witch has collected a set of cards they "Slap" the card in the middle of the table that matches the number they have collected (first witch to slap must have 4 or 5 collected). 3) Spell Casting- this is done simultaneously. The witches reveal the spell they are attempting to cast based on the collected spell cards and card they slapped. If the numbers match it successes, if it doesn't, the spell backfired just witch slapped themselves!

Most spells take life away from other witches, but some protect the witch. Once you lose your life you are eliminated from the forest and shamed by the other witches! The winner is the witch that is the last witch standing!
  • Designer : John Harris (I), William Sininger
  • Artist : Jody Henning, John Sauer
  • Number of players : 3 - 6
  • Playing time : 15 - 30
  • Recommended ages : 9+
  • Language : EN