Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Sea of Claws (No Amazon Sales) ^ AUG 2023
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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Sea of Claws (No Amazon Sales) ^ AUG 2023

Product Code: CB72474

To the north lies the bitterly cold and tempestuous Sea of Claws. The sea separates the Empire from the lands of Norsca, where Marauder tribes beseech the forces of Chaos for glory and power and vast monsters make their lairs in the fjords. The coastal provinces of the Empire, desperate to escape the stranglehold of Marienburg, scramble to construct mighty navies and sea defences. Sailors, explorers, pirates, and wreckers all rub their hands in thought of the wealth to be won — but whilst a life on the ocean waves can reap great rewards, the risks are greater still.

Sea of Claws is a guide to adventuring on the seas of the Old World. This 160 page book contains:
- A trip around the coast of the Sea of Claws, from the Marches of Couronne, to the blighted shores of the Troll Country, to the frozen territory of the Bjornlings.
- A guide to manning an ocean-going vessel, ship-to-ship combat, and new approaches to trade.
- A bestiary of sea creatures from the diminutive Gymmcrab to the colossal Black Leviathan.
- The Seafarer Class – eight careers for those who live on the ocean or by the coast.
- Rules for exciting events, worthwhile endeavours, and deadly encounters during long sea voyages.
- Information on the Cult of Manann, and the worship of Stromfels.
- Famed seafarers such as Arch-Sealord Vrisk Ironscratch, Wulfrik the Wanderer, Jago Roth, and Long Drong, providing profiles for these great captains, and guidance on how they might influence adventures.
  • Author : Dave Allen, Eoin Burke, Robin Low, Pádraig Murphy, Mac Dara, Mac Donnacha, Alfred Nuñez, Clive Oldfield, Sam Poots, Simon Wileman
  • Series : Warhammer
  • Language : EN