Orleans: The Plague Expansion (No Amazon Sales) ^ APR 2024
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Orleans: The Plague Expansion (No Amazon Sales) ^ APR 2024

Product Code: CSGORL401

Now the inhabitants of Orleans have been hit hard; the plague has come upon them, bringing suffering and misery to the population. There are many dead to mourn, and even the plague doctor can only bring limited relief and hope to the long-suffering inhabitants. The clergy also has little to offer in the way of relief. And so, in the end, everyone is on their own and must try to protect their followers as best they can…

With The Plague expansion, the game conditions are made tougher from the start of play! Sometimes there are fewer monks in the game, sometimes no gears may be placed on place cards, or the building of trading stations must be paid for with an additional coin.

New events are now also linked to the new Corpse Tokens which players must place a certain number of in their bag at the end of each round. These tokens might be randomly drawn from the bag at the beginning of the round and occupy valuable space on the marketplace because they cannot be used for any action. To get rid of them for good, a player can fulfill indulgence cards through pilgrimage, donations, or other conditions, which also bring victory points at game’s end. Fortunately, each player has a Plague Doctor, a new figure that is available in nearly every round and can be used anywhere!
  • Number of players : 1 - 5
  • Playing time : 90
  • Language : EN