Chu Han (No Amazon Sales) ^ Q3 2024
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Chu Han (No Amazon Sales) ^ Q3 2024

Product Code: MATCHU001287

Chu Han is a two-player card game of dynastic intrigue set in ancient China before and during the Chu-Han Contention, 206-202 BCE.

Two clans, the Han and Chu, vie to supplant the weak Qin ruler and forge China's first true dynasty. Historically, the Chu began in a stronger position, but the Han managed to defeat them.

Chu Han is a trick-taking, climbing, and shedding game consisting of multiple hands. Players begin each hand with a mixture of Chu and Han cards, representing strains within clans, hostage taking, and shifting allegiances. Optional Events and two historical campaigns provide additional variety.

Can you outmaneuver your rival to found a new dynasty?
  • Designer : Thomas Lehmann
  • Artist : Maxime Erceau, Ryan Ferriera
  • Number of players : 2
  • Playing time : 45 - 60
  • Recommended ages : 14+
  • Language : EN