Hideous Abomination (2nd Edition) ^ Q1 2024
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Hideous Abomination (2nd Edition) ^ Q1 2024

Product Code: QMLTTXHA002

Hideous Abomination: 2nd Edition is a game of vile tiles and creepy creations featuring over 200 unique hand-drawn illustrations. In this light, family-friendly tile-laying game, you'll compete to create bizarre monsters, sabotage your friends, and win glory by taking home the most randomized trophies. Whose monstrosity has the most eyes? The most ears? The most tails, wings, or hands? The objectives evolve over time and change every game, so you'll have to stay on your toes. The custom sculpted monster die adds an eerie intrigue to every roll, and keeps players guessing about what's coming next. And it all packs down into a travel-friendly box, so it's great on the go.
  • Designer : Judson Cowan
  • Artist : Judson Cowan
  • Number of players : 2 - 5
  • Playing time : 15 - 30
  • Recommended ages : 8+
  • Language : EN