Altered TCG: Display Booster ^ SEPT 13 2024
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Altered TCG: Display Booster ^ SEPT 13 2024

Product Code: ALTDISBO01US

Dive into the world of Altered!

Centuries ago, our reality collided with the world of stories and dreams in a cataclysm known as the Confluence, an event that profoundly reshaped the Earth as we know it. Beings from this world suddenly roamed amongst us, and changed the way we lived. Since then, we’ve formed alliances with them, and together we patiently rebuilt a new civilization.

With peace and prosperity now secured, it’s finally time for us to rediscover the altered world around us. Six leading Factions have chosen their heroes to lead courageous expeditions beyond the gates, where the Tumult, a remnant of the Confluence of old, still mutates everything in its wake.

An Altered TCG: Beyond the Gates Booster Display contains 36 booster packs

On average each Booster Display contains:
- 36 Hero Cards
- 288 Common Cards
- 103 or 104 Rare Cards
- 4 or 5 Unique Cards (varies box to box)