Dungeonology: The Expedition: Leonardo’s Workshop
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Dungeonology: The Expedition: Leonardo’s Workshop

Product Code: AREDNXP10-LW

Leonardo’s Workshop is the first big expansion for Dungeonology - The Expedition, and offers a unique opportunity for some promising Scholars of the University of Rocca Civetta to meet the greatest inventor in the world, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo will put them through an endless series of traps, logic games, and skill tests to find out which of the candidates deserves to learn his secrets. Scholars can decide whether to face this new adventure in cooperative or competitive mode, or in the new “Team Mode”. In this expansion, you will find a completely new dungeon including 20 completely new areas, which you must explore to study all of Leonardo’s disciplines.

Leonardo will walk around the Workshop’s areas and he won’t be alone! His huge war robot, Mechalisa, will be a Super Boss and a real pain in the neck...

This new expansion set also adds a new Scholar, Tancredi the Architect, and a new type of Trick Cards, Meccanica cards, which can also be used when playing Dungeonology in its "traditional" setting, without the rest of this expansion.

    • Designer : Diego Fonseca, Danilo Guidi
    • Artist : Fernando Armentano, Simone de Paolis, Diego Fonseca, Tommaso Incecch,i Giovanni Pirrotta, Paolo Scippo
    • Number of players : 2 - 4
    • Playing time : 60 - 90
    • Recommended ages : 12+
    • Language : EN