Yeah Nope
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Yeah Nope

Product Code:WFG1772

The tell-all party game of what happened and how!

Great for parties and after-dinner gaming!  Semi-cooperative and conversational gameplay allows players to share their experiences and speculate about the other players!

Have you told off a boss? 

Players work together to build on the story and speculate using situation cards until the moment the truth is revealed with a swipe of the gold sequined box – Yeah or NOPE. You’ll blush, you’ll giggle, you’ll gasp… because you never know the whole truth! 

Get ready! Put on your poker face and watch your friends try to uncover the details. 

Adult Content for ages 18+

Product Features:
  • Flippable sequin drenched box is irresistible
  • Product Contents:
  • 450 Experience Cards
  • 12 Situation Tiles
  • 8 Wager Tokens
  • Instructions
  • Number of players : 3-8
  • Playing time : 30-60 min
  • Recommended ages : 17+
  • Language : ENG

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