Who Goes There? ^ Jun
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Who Goes There? ^ Jun

Product Code:CER001

  • Cooperative

  • Strategy 

  • High Quality Miniatures

  • Based on Movie and Novel "The Thing"

  • Popular 'Betrayer' Mechanic

This is the Basic Edition of the game.  For more available characters and additional game contents, see the Deluxe Edition or the two expansions, "Blair and Clark" and "Van Wall and Norris". 

Everyone plays as an uninfected human at the start of the game, but as the story progresses paranoia ensues, and any of your fellow players can be infected and taken over by the alien. The goal of each player, (even 'The Thing' and it’s poor, unfortunate friends), is to survive the challenges that come along with being stuck in an isolated location in Antarctica, and make it onto the escape helicopter with enough points to get it off the ground. 

The game consists of three phases of six rounds, with the difficulty rising at each phase. On their turn, players spend their action points on a move, search for cards, request of cards from other players, boost of stamina, XP gain, repair of the door or boiler, or even the construction of a new item. 

Build these new items to help you stay alive, and human, with two or more item cards. Players can ask other players for items (rope, metal, wood, etc.), and they can offer up their item cards if they’d like. But, if they don’t know for sure that the player requesting the item is human, they can deny that player the advantage of the item with a simple lie, and go about their merry way. 

The longer you play, the higher the risk that a player is no longer human, and you could very well be flying away on the chopper into civilization releasing 'The Thing' into the rest of the world. But, there are strategies to recognizing 'The Thing' before letting them board the helicopter. For example, if someone has a plethora of cards from the vulnerable deck, which contains a single 'Thing' infection card, they have a higher chance of actually being 'The Thing' compared to a player that has only drawn from the vulnerable deck once.

Game Contents

• 4 Playable Characters
• 4 Dual Layered Character Boards
• 4 Sculpted Character Minis
• 4 Character Punch Board Standees
• 80 Specialty Cards
• 4 Build Menus
• 24 Translucent Stamina Cubes
• 24 Translucent Actions Cubes
• 4 Locker Dice
• 4 Infection Clickers

• 70 Double Sided Punch Board Item Tiles

• 18 Punch Board Strike Tokens
• 4 Punch Board Critical Strike Tokens

• 1 In Camp Board
• 10 Translucent Action Dice
• 54 Workshop Cards
• 54 Storage Cards

• 1 Camp Events Board
• 25 Camp Events Cards

• 1 Out of Camp Board
• 1 Sculpted Phase Marker Mini
• 1 Punch Board Phase Standee
• 1 Sculpted Helicopter Die
• 25 Phase 1 Cards
• 25 Phase 2 Cards
• 25 Phase 3 Cards
• 12 Vulnerable Cards
• 50 Experience Gems