Vast: The Mysterious Manor ^ Q4 2019
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Vast: The Mysterious Manor ^ Q4 2019

Product Code:LED00006

Return to the world of Vast in a whole new adventure

Vast: The Mysterious Manor takes you and your friends on an adventure in a haunted house, built on total asymmetry. There is no merry band of travelers here fighting evil. In Vast you take control of any part of the story.

As the ultimate asymmetric board game, Vast: The Mysterious Manor provides a limitless adventure, playable again and again as you and your friends explore the five different roles in different combinations.For the first time Vast will come with a board, to hold the tiles that form the Manor.

This game can be played as a standalone, and also is backwards compatible with Vast.
  • Designer : Patrick Leder
  • Artist : Kyle Ferrin
  • Number of players : 1-5
  • Playing time : 60-120 minutes
  • Recommended ages : 13+
  • Language : Eng