Cult: Choose Your God Wisely
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Cult: Choose Your God Wisely

Product Code:CRY27442

In Cult, you need to send your trusted Priests to the most important Locations of the Eternal City. They will fight for Followers, perform rituals, and generally do all that they can to bring your God victory over the minds and souls of the whole world!

Each turn, players send their Priests to Locations which are currently accessible to them. As the game progresses, more Locations become available. For each Location, a winner will be determined based on the strength of the Priests, but Miracles and Intrigue Cards can dramatically change the outcome of each conflict. The player who wins the Location will be able to use its unique benefits, while the other players get alms in the form of coins instead.

You can win the game in different ways: building five Altars, controlling four Fanatical Mobs, or twice performing the Summoning of your Cult's master … one of eight dark Gods!