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Product Code:LRG0009

  • Real Time

  • Pattern Building

  • Solo Play or with a Group

  • Family Friendly

Each player in Tubyrinth has a set of pipes — "tubes", one might say — and each round in the game each player has a playing board that shows an entry point and an exit point; the game includes 42 double-sided boards, each with a different design. Every board has 2 challenges (the boards are double-sided) creating more than 80 challenges.

Players race to use 5-7 of their pipes to create a path from entry to exit on their board. The first player to create such a path scores 5-7 points, while all the other players score 0-2 points (7 minus however many pieces the winning player used). After someone wins, each player takes a new board, and whoever first scores 25 points wins!

  • Designer : Martin Nedergaard Andersen
  • Number of players : 1-6
  • Playing time : 20 minutes
  • Recommended ages : 6+