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Product Code:SG8044

UPC Code:644216477128

In Subtext, players try to communicate with one another by drawing hints about the word on their card. Drawing well is not required — just being clever in selecting your hints.

  • Each round, one person is the dealer. 
  • This player looks at their word, then shuffles the card into the cards for the other players and distributes them randomly. 
  • By doing this, one player will have the same word as the dealer, but nobody — not even the dealer — knows who it is. 
  • The dealer then draws a picture, and you want to hint at your word so that ideally only the person who has the same word will understand what you're depicting.
  •  In the subsequent guessing phase, all players (including the dealer) guess which player got the same word as the dealer. 
  • Points are awarded based on the number of incorrect guesses, but the dealer and their partner have to guess correctly to even get points. 
  • How vague do you want to be in your drawing efforts to still get your message across without anyone else knowing it?

  • Party Game

  • Paper-and-Pencil

  • Designer : Wolfgang Warsch
  • Artist : Studio Muti
  • Number of players : 4-8
  • Playing time : 20 - 40 Min
  • Recommended ages : 10+
  • Language : English