Paper Tales Expansion Beyond the Gates
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Paper Tales Expansion Beyond the Gates

Product Code:SG7130

UPC Code:653341722904

Paper Tales: Beyond the Gates is the first expansion for the hit game, Paper Tales.
  • This contains 20 new units and 6 new buildings that are meant to both preserve the balance of the base game and enhance its possibilities and replay value. 
  • With this expansion, players can now start with a set of 7 buildings available, out of 11, and these buildings are different every game. 
  • Each new building opens new strategies, as does the impact of the new units.

Paper Tales: Beyond the Gates includes all components needed for supporting up to 7 players.It also includes a solo mode in which a single player has to face the powerful armies of the Lich King. This mode comes with specific Necropolis and Lich King cards
  • Designer : Masato Uesugi
  • Artist : Christine Alcouffe
  • Number of players : 1-7
  • Playing time : 30 Minutes
  • Recommended ages : 12+
  • Language : English