Stoner Parking Lot (No Amazon Sales) ^ MAY 2021
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Stoner Parking Lot (No Amazon Sales) ^ MAY 2021

Product Code:MGSPL001

Hanging around outside a show, you want to grab a smoke in the van with your best bud before you head in, but you don't want to bring the whole crowd. Collect all the essentials — weed, a mixtape, your trusty bong, a lighter, a six-pack, and of course pizza — then secretly signal to your partner that it's time to go smoke without getting called out by anyone else.

Stoner Parking Lot features the art of Arik Roper, know for his iconic album cover and poster work with bands like Sleep, Earth, and High on Fire.
  • Designer : Alex Cutler, Matt Fantastic
  • Artist : Arik Roper
  • Number of players : 3-7
  • Playing time : 10-20 Min
  • Recommended ages : 18+
  • Language : English