Riot Quest: Hullgrinder Playmat
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Riot Quest: Hullgrinder Playmat

Product Code:PIP63902

UPC Code:875582025372

Named for a massive predatory fishthat wrecks ships all over the Iron Kingdoms, the Hullgrinder Islands locatedin the straits of Five Fingers have become the last stop for many an unwaryvessel. Forever locked in combat by the rocks that pierce their hulls, twoloot-laden galleons await your party to plunder! But keep a weather-eye open,for where there be booty, there be bandits, waiting to steal it right out fromunder you!



Hullgrinder is the latest andgreatest map for Riot Quest, made from (symbolically speaking) unsinkableneoprene fabric!


Shipped rolled in individual tubes,Hullgrinder fabric playmats measure 27" x 27" when flat.