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Product Code:RGG155

The English version from Rio Grande Games comes with the first edition of the first German expansion included in a slightly oversized box. One difference in the contents, however, is that bean #22's Weinbrandbohne (Brandy Bean) was replaced by the Wachsbohne, or Wax Bean. This edition includes rules for up to seven players, like the Erweiterungs-Set, but also adapts the two-player rules of Al Cabohne in order to allow two people to play Bohnanza.

  • Players Try To Collect Large Sets Of Beans To Sell For Gold, There Is Limited Growing Space And Always New Beans To Plant
  • To Avoid Planting Unwanted Beans, Players Trade Them To Other Players Who Want Them For Their Bean Fields
  • Lots of replay value
  • Classic Eurogame
  • Hand Management
  • Set Collection
  • Trading
  • Easy Game to learn and play 
  • Designer : Uwe Rosenberg
  • Number of players : 2 - 7
  • Playing time : 45 - 60 Minutes
  • Recommended ages : 13 +