Quick and Dirty - An Offensively Fun Party Game
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Quick and Dirty - An Offensively Fun Party Game

Product Code:QNDBLACK

The quick and dirty on Quick and Dirty is players will place a black category card pile and a white letter card pile face down. You then flip both a black and a white card over. The first player to yell an answer that starts with the letter and fits the category is the round winner!

Fast, fun party game - Rewards quick wits and dirty minds! Great for parties, pregames, game nights, bachelorettes, etc
Easy to start – Learn to play in <30 seconds, rules so simple even a drunk can understand!
Great for groups - Supports 2-20+ players. Players can join and leave anytime!
Very portable – 70 card deck small enough for your pocket provides 1,000+ unique rounds
Optional drinking rules – Works brilliant as a drinking game to break the ice and start the night
  • Designer : Jeffrey Shutter
  • Number of players : 2-20
  • Playing time : 10-30 minutes
  • Recommended ages : 18+
  • Language : English