Sick & Twisted Charades

Product Code:WFG60001622

Sick and Twisted Charades is a party game with a twist!

It has 1,000 outrageous, salacious, hilarious words to act out!
Charades with a twist! Twist Tiles have you acting out ridiculous phrases with added challenges like only using one hand or while sitting on the floor.
Soft foam ball adds an element of suspense while also testing your fast-reaction skills. If the opposing team throws the soft foam ball once the timer runs out and you catch it, you can keep acting! If not, your turn is over!

Contests: 500 Doubles-Sided Cards, 24 Twist Tiles, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Ball, Instructions.

How To Play:
1) Separate into two teams. If you have an odd number of players, make the teams as even as possible.
2) The cards have a green side and a pink side. Select which color will be used for the entire game.
3) Shuffle the Twist Tiles and create a face-down draw pile. Each team draws one tile.
4) Select which team will guess first and which player from that team will act first (the Actor).

So, Split into teams and face off in a raucous game of charades! Guess the saucy, suggestive, and downright obscene clues in order to score. This rude, rowdy party game will get your mind in the gutter and your friends rolling on the floor!

  • Number of players : 4-99
  • Recommended ages : 18+

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