Deadly Dinner: Red Carpet In Ruins
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Deadly Dinner: Red Carpet In Ruins

Product Code:PES19010E

Deadly Dinner – Red Carpet in Ruins is a classical murder mystery game designed for six to eight players. It is played over three rounds, during which the players receive new information about the sequence of events as well as secret objects that can be found in envelopes in the game box. The players have to discuss the information and clues they have available to identify the culprit in the end. A blueprint of the location and character standees allow them to keep track of who was where when the crime occurred. 
  • Designer : Lukas Setzke, Martin Student and Verena Wiechens
  • Number of players : 6-8
  • Playing time : 180-240 min
  • Recommended ages : 16+
  • Language : English