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Product Code:ASI38210

UPC Code:728028382105

You are either Meow, or Not Meow. An eloquent game of deception, fun for all!

Infiltrators are among us! Some of our friends might be...Not Meow. Find them!

The rules of Meow are simple: On your turn, draw a card into your hand and say 'Meow'. Most cards are Meow cards, but some are Not Meow cards. Skeptical Meows at the table can accuse you of being Not Meow after you draw and meow, which means you must reveal your hand of cards. If they're right, and you have a Not Meow card, they win. If they're wrong, they're out of the round! And if you're the last Meow standing, you win!

  • Designer : Chris Cieslik
  • Number of players : 2-8
  • Playing time : 5 - 15 Min.
  • Recommended ages : 8+
  • Language : English