Nightmarium Revised Edition (2014 Reimplementation) ^ Mar 2019
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Nightmarium Revised Edition (2014 Reimplementation) ^ Mar 2019

Product Code:ARCG006

A game about building nightmares so terrifying you'll see half of them in your dreams. 

  • You have cards representing Night Terrors, and the more of them you combine in the right order, the more monsters come to life, and the more horrifying they become. 
  • Create monsters that will make your opponents gasp in horror. 
  • Nourish them with your own fear. 
  • Make them stronger. 
  • Only then will you achieve victory and become the Master of Terror.

Includes the Legions of Horrors expansion.

Nightmarium is a fast-playing card game for 2 to 5 players. Take it along to your next gaming night or family trip, and have fun creating nightmarish creatures, and vanquish your opponent's monsters!


  • 1 rulebook
  • 108 Night Terror cards
  • 5 Reference cards

  • Card Game
  • Fantasy

  • Hand Management
  • Set Collection
  • Designer : Konstantin Seleznev
  • Artist : Erbol Bulentaev
  • Number of players : 2-5
  • Playing time : 10-30 min
  • Recommended ages : 10+
  • Language : English