Ni No Kuni II ^ NOV 8 2019
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Ni No Kuni II ^ NOV 8 2019

Product Code:SFNNK2-001

The Kingdom of Ding Dong Dell has fallen, usurped by Doloran, a man steeped in evil. Evan Tildrum, former king of Ding Dong Dell has decided to avoid conflict and build a new kingdom for his people to live in Evermore! For now, Evermore is a dream, a hope of a bright future. To make this dream a reality you must work together to build it!

Ni no Kuni™ II: The Board Game a fun, cooperative kingdom-building game for 1-4 players.

You must work together to go on quests, defeat monsters, and grow your kingdom before the forces of evil can overcome you.

  • 1 Evermore Board
  • 4 Character miniatures
  • 4 Character cards
  • 6 Higgledy tokens
  • 19 Basic Kingdom cards
  • 9 Upgraded Kingdom cards
  • 40 Quest cards
  • 34 Enemy cards
  • 2 Boss cards
  • 45 Resource Tokens
  • Designer : Bryce Johnston, Steve Margetson
  • Artist : Hiroyuki Maeda, Hiroshi Matsuyama, Yoshiyuki Momose, Nobuyuki Yanai
  • Number of players : 1-4
  • Playing time : 30-45 minutes
  • Recommended ages : 14+
  • Language : English