Next War: Poland 2nd Edition
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Next War: Poland 2nd Edition

Product Code: GMT1714-22

Notes for 2nd Edition: This second edition will include all known errata (including counters) as well as an updated Russian ground Order of Battle, additional Russian air units, an 11 x 34 Expansion Map (and rules that go with it), and updates to the NATO Orders of Battle. The Series Rules and Player Aid Cards will be brought up to the latest standards, and, of course, the Game Specific Rules will have to be changed to incorporate all of the above.

Ukraine is in turmoil: embroiled in a civil war which has lasted for years and the situation seems further from resolution with each year that passes. Clandestine support from both Russia and the West fuels the war and keeps any hope of peace at bay. In the meantime, the civil war in Syria and the fight against Islamic extremism gathers steam. NATO and Russia stare each other down in a "coopetittion" in the region, and tensions rise meteorically as not so "friendly" fire incidents occur.

The West tightens sanctions against Russia and ratchets up its rhetoric; Russia, meanwhile, attempting to regain a place in global power politics, responds with sanctions of its own against Turkey and starts low-level cyber warfare and "little green men" incidents in the Baltics. Tempers flare across the world, Turkey shoots down another Russian plane while Russian SAM batteries shoot down a Turkish F-16 in retaliation. Russia declares enough is enough, decides on war with NATO, and invades the Baltics and Poland. Belarus, knowing where it's bread is buttered, joins in. Some NATO nations rush to the rescue while others debate the issue.

Once again, Europe trembles to the rumble of tank treads and marching boots…

Next War: Poland, the fourth volume in GMT's Next War Series. This game moves the action from Asia to Europe and allows players to fight a near future war in Poland as the Russians and their allies invade and NATO responds.

Only a portion of Poland is shown as Ukraine is assumed to be in the midst of a grinding civil war. The Russians are not the behemoth of the Cold War, but they possess good material and a much better trained army. The Baltics may fall quickly, although their forces may put up some resistance and make an appearance as reinforcements, and the front quickly establishes itself in eastern Poland as the Russian 6th and 20th Armies push forward while NATO rushes forces into the area spearheaded by the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and followed up by whatever nation's troops respond to the Article 5 declaration. The question is, can NATO stop the Russians or will Poland be overrun?



One 22x34" map
One 22x24" strategic display
Four 9/16" counter sheets
Two rulebooks (Series Rules and Game Specific Rules)
Six 8.5x11" Player Aids
Two 11x17" Player Aids
One 10-sided die

  • Designer : Gene Billingsley, Mitchell Land
  • Artist : Charles Kibler, Mark Simonitch
  • Number of players : 1-2
  • Playing time : 120-1200
  • Recommended ages : 12+
  • Language : English