Raccoon Tycoon
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Raccoon Tycoon

Product Code:MIB1300

Astoria is a land bustling with productivity and growth! New towns, factories, and railroads are springing up across the land. A few savvy business tycoons (you and your opponents) are determined to make their fortunes on the crest of this wave.

In Raccoon Tycoon, players try to produce the most valuable commodities in an ever changing marketplace. They then use those commodities to build towns, or sell them at the best price to secure great profits that can be used to win auctions for the all-important railroads. The profits may also be used to buy powerful buildings that give the players power-ups or bonuses in production. Owning the best towns and railroads determines victory.

  • A fun, fast, economic game, with many unique paths to victory
  • Great for Gateway as well as Hard-core Gamers
  • The best aspects of several classic economic games without the baggage
  • Integrated Supply-and-Demand mechanic regulates prices in the game marketplace
  • Animal Tycoons!
  • Designer : Glenn Drover
  • Artist : Jacoby O'Connor, Annie Stegg
  • Number of players : 2-5
  • Playing time : 60-90 minutes
  • Recommended ages : 8+