Pong Gone Wrong ^ March 11
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Pong Gone Wrong ^ March 11

Product Code:IMH002

The Pong Gone Wrong cards are an awesome party game add-on for anything: from flip cup to charades, from Street Fighter to Quidditch, croquet to checkers. Or, just use the cards as coasters! Get creative! It’s basically guaranteed to make any game you play up to 78% more outrageous, debaucherous, and let’s-take-off-our-clothes-erous.

  • Enter Pong Gone Wrong, the drinking game add-on that has all but redefined getting your balls wet and your game on. 
  • Like the 3-pointer in basketball or the invention of Plan B, never has an age-old standby been enhanced so simply before. 
  • Just slide 1 of our epic cards under each beer pong cup, and perform the action when a shot is made. 

Simple as that. It’s just like beer pong. Except, for savages.

  • water proof synthetic paper
  • Adult card game. 21+ yrs
  • 99 water proof playing cards and 1 water proof rule card.
  • Hilarious new take on an old classic
  • Outrageous next level drinking game
  • Crazy rules, wild challenges and naughty dares with every sip