Carpe Diem (No Amazon Sales)
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Carpe Diem (No Amazon Sales)

Product Code:RAV26919

Rome, in the year 1 BC. As influential patricians, you have begun to improve neighborhoods in your city. Large buildings and beautiful landscapes will ensure the prosperity of your own neighborhood. 

  • Follow the motto "carpe diem" and enter the right time to harvest and fish, then sell these goods to the market to earn a maximum of gold. 
  • Build homes for your servants: they will be more diligent and more productive. 
  • And do not forget your own villa! It will bring you a lot of prestige. 
  • Tower after turn, you will get different Building tiles and add them to your neighborhood to build more and more buildings and landscapes. 
  • After each phase of the game, your achievements will be converted into victory points.
  • The player with the most victory points at the end of the game will win.
  • Designer : Stefan Feld
  • Number of players : 2-4
  • Playing time : 60 Min
  • Recommended ages : 10+