Magic the Gathering: Throne Of Eldraine Booster (FR)
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Magic the Gathering: Throne Of Eldraine Booster (FR)

Product Code:WOCC61361010

Display Configuration:
  • 15 Cards per Pack
  • 36 Packs per Display
  • 6 Displays per Case
Throne of Eldraine makes opening boosters a greater thrill than ever. They're loaded with beautiful and collectible new card treatments:
  • Borderless Planeswalkers. This is a planeswalker card where the art goes all the way to the border. (similar to Mythic Edition planeswalkers).
  • Extended art frames. This is where the art on a card runs all the way to the edge of the card on the left and right side (similar to box toppers for Ultimate Masters).
  • Showcase frames. Cards with a new stylized art and frames that play into the set's theme. (See below.)

(Drop rates vary for each of the above.)

Throne of Eldraine Key Dates

7.22.19 - Scheduling Window Opens

7.22.19 - Digital Marketing Assets Wave 1: Key Art, Logo, Booster Box Product Shot

7.23.19 - Initial Allocation Email

8.2.19 - Prerelease Allocation and Preferred Distributor Locked, Promo Pack Allocation Locked

8.8.19 - Final Allocation Email

9.9.19 - Previews Begin

9.9.19 - Digital Marketing Assets Wave 2: Product Shots, Web & Social Media Assets, Posters

9.9.19–9.13.19 - Marketing Kit Delivery (Some regions will receive this the following week.)

9.16.19 - Digital Marketing Assets Wave 3: Deck Checklist, Additional Web & Social Assets

9.20.19–9.27.19 - Promo Pack and Buy-a-Box Delivery

9.27.19–9.29.19 - Prerelease

10.4.19 - Release

10.5.19–10.6.19 - Draft Weekend

10.12.19–10.13.19 - Open House (WPN Premium Only)

10.26.19–10.27.19 - Magic Weekend

1.17.20–1.19.20 - Winter Set Prerelease