Arkham Horror LCG: Echoes of The Past (With Cards)
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Arkham Horror LCG: Echoes of The Past (With Cards)

Product Code:FFGAHC12

UPC Code:841333103996

The King in Yellow has come to Arkham, you caught the performance, and now you find yourself drawn into the maddening web of powerful forces and sinister event that seems to surround the mysterious play. So how do you proceed? Where do you continue your investigations? How you do hold onto the tattered threads of your limited sanity? The first mythos pack in The Path to Carcosa Cycle for the cooperative Arkham Horror: The Card Game Includes 60 new cards to expand your adventures in the Arkham Horror Files universe In this scenario, the cultists will take the clues they gather and use their dark powers to convert them into doom—advancing the agenda Includes five new semi-permanent, skill-boosting assets for each class with dual traits: Talent and Composure
  • Number of players : 1-2
  • Playing time : 60-120 Min.
  • Recommended ages : 14+
  • Language : English
Not a standalone product. A copy of the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set and The Dream-Eaters deluxe expansion are required to play.