Forbidden Lands: Raven's Purge (BOOK)

Product Code:MUH051557

Dark powers are stirring in the Forbidden Lands. Zygofer's henchmen, the feared Rust Brothers, still haunt the land, but the spellbinder himself has not been seen for centuries. Both his enemies and his allies are setting plans in motion. The Blood Mist covering the land has lifted and the deathly calm that has reigned for so long is about to shatter.

While the players are free to roam the land as they see fit, there is a larger scheme behind the scenes that they can get involved in. In the campaign called Raven's Purge, penned by Erik Granström, the players hunt for four powerful artifacts, adorned with Elven gemstones that together have the potential to decide the future of the Forbidden Lands.

Raven's Purge is not a linear story and it has no set goal that the players are expected to follow. Instead, it is a rich tapestry of legends, characters and plans that the players can interact with in a multitude of ways. The four artifacts can be placed in any adventure sites, thus giving the GM the means to control the length and the pacing of the campaign.

Contents of the 224-page hardcover book: 
A detailed history and description of the Stanengist elven crown and its elven rubies.
A description of the nine key players of the campaign, who all seek Stanengist.
Eight complete, illustrated adventure sites, playable in any order you want.
An epic campaign finale, giving the adventurers the chance to decide the future of the Forbidden Lands.