Monsterpocalypse: Protectors GUARD: Sky Sentinel (resin)
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Monsterpocalypse: Protectors GUARD: Sky Sentinel (resin)

Product Code:PIP51021

The updated and streamlined second edition of Monsterpocalypse, the hit collectible game released in 2008, is now a hobby miniatures game! Players choose a monster, its army, and its paint scheme before smashing apart the local metropolis in battle against an enemy monster and its minions!

  • Two different single-player starter sets offer players a choice between Protectors and Destroyers. Once a side has been chosen, players can expand and customize their force with Monster, Unit, and Building packs and tailor their play experience with a variety of supplementary accessories.
  • With highly detailed resin and metal hobby miniatures, Monsterpocalypse will appeal to both players of the original game as well as newcomers to the world of miniatures.
  • G.U.A.R.D. (Globally United Advanced Research & Defense) protects innocents from the horrors of the MonsterpocalypseG.U.A.R.D. has assembled the greatest scientists and military leaders to develop the most advanced force the world has ever seen.

This blister pack contains G.U.A.R.D. monster to expand your Protectors forceSky Sentinel has earned a special place among G.U.A.R.D.’s defenders as being one of the first super mechs created to protect the Earth, one of two initial Liberty-class weapons platforms. This revered super mech is exceptionally equipped to coordinate the efforts of strike fighters and rocket choppers in its vicinity, unleashing unparalleled concentrated firepower.

  • 1 Miniature

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.
  • Faction : G.U.A.R.D
  • System : Monsterpocalypse
  • Packaging : Box
  • Model Type : Resin