This War of Mine Expansion #1: Tales From the Ruined City
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This War of Mine Expansion #1: Tales From the Ruined City

Product Code:EN_TWM02

Tales from the Ruined City is the first expansion for This War of Mine: The Board Game, a story-rich game of survival in a war-torn city.

In  Tales from the Ruined City,  gameplay is taken to a different level with  more complex Scenarios that utilize a number of special rules, dedicated cards and tokens.  First of all, you should know that the expansion will be modular. Choose the amount of new gameplay elements to include in your campaign and how complex your experience will be.

  • Emira - a new character
  • 5 new scenarios
  • 5 reward envelopes with a secret legacy content to enrich your base game
  • sewers module enables players to risk a second scavenge
  • farmers module gives players a chance to encounter newcomers from the countryside
  • farmer's market allows character to trade or rob visitors from outside the city
  • 7 detailed miniatures
Campaign travels from a criminal story, through a trial of survival in the face of an epidemic to a tale of mutual care among neighbours.

*In order to play this expansion, you must own This War of Mine:  The Board Game EN_TWM01