Wizkids 4D Settings: Encampment
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Wizkids 4D Settings: Encampment

Code de produit : WK75000

Gather 'round the fire with the newest addition to the WizKids 4D™ Settings line, the Encampment! Every adventurer needs a place to rest after a harrowing adventure and this set gives you exactly that.

You and your players will have everything you need to recharge before the next battle ensues and the adventure continues.

These scenes offer more than just pre-painted miniatures for you, they offer exciting new play experiences and storytelling narratives. What stories will be told around your camp fire?

The Encampment 4D™ setting includes: * 

4 x Four Legged Stools
3 x Wedge Tents
2 x Lean-Tos
2 x Bedroll Flat - Style 1
2 x Bedroll Flat - Style 2
2 x Lantern
1 x Bedroll Packed - Style 1
1 x Bedroll Packed - Style 2
1 x Fire Pit
1 x Meat Spit with Rabbit
1 x Fish on Sticks
1 x Pot of Stew
1 x Horse 
1 x Hitch Post
1 x Pile of Chopped Wood - Neatly Stacked
1 x Pile of Chopped Wood - Haphazardly Stacked
1 x Stump with Axe
1 x Pile of Gear - Style 1
1 x Pile of Gear - Style 2
1 x Chest - Style 1 (Opens & Closes!)
1 x Chest - Style 2 (Opens & Closes!)
1 x Gem Pile
1 x Gold Pile
1 x Guard Dog
1 x Camp Table
1 x Two Wheel Cart

*Images and contents subject to change.