Warpaints: Air: Rack
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Warpaints: Air: Rack

Code de produit : AW5001

The Warpaints Air Rack features an incredible selection of no less than 126 individual airbrush colours in our innovative colour triad system. In addition to the wide selection of colours, the rack contains a selection of 100ml primers, varnishes as well as medium and cleaner for use with the airbrush.


Rack with Bottle propultion system:
- 3 of each Warpaints Air (126 Slots)
- 3 of each speedpaints (24 Slots)
- 3 of each Metallic Colour Warpaints (10 Slots) 
- 2 of each 100ml Airbrush Essentials:
- Primers
- Cleaner
- Varnish (8 Slots)
- 2 of each Boxed Paint Sets (4 Slots)
- 4 Wet Pallet Sets (2 Slots)