Lockup: A Roll Player Tale
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Lockup: A Roll Player Tale

Code de produit : TWK4000

Code UPC :680168938546

Lockup: A Roll Player Tale is a competitive worker-placement game for one to five players set in the Roll Player universe. In the game, players manage groups of minions (gnolls, kobolds, bugbears, goblins, or insectoids) locked up in Kulbak Prison. Once each year, King Taron releases the toughest gang of war prisoners into the royal Colosseum. 

Each round, players try to keep their suspicion from the guards under control while allocating their crew to different locations within Kulbak. The player with the strongest crew in each location at the end of each round gains the most resources, hires the most powerful crew, and builds the most powerful items, increases their reputation. The player with the highest reputation at the end of six rounds, wins the game.
  • Auteur : Stan Kordonskiy
  • Artiste : Luis Francisco, Lucas Ribeiro
  • Nombre de joueurs : 1-5
  • Durée : 45-90 minutes
  • Âge recommandé : 10+
  • Langue : Eng