Sub Terra: Deluxe + Edition
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Sub Terra: Deluxe + Edition

Code de produit : ITB013

Do you like horrifying miniatures? The Sub Terra Deluxe Edition Plus contains everything that comes with the Sub Terra Deluxe Edition but also includes the terrifying miniatures for the Horrors and the Leapers, so you can add a more tangible form of fear to your games in the darkness.


  • 1x Sub Terra Horror Miniatures Set

  • 1x Sub Terra Core Miniatures Set (with colour coded rings)

  • 1x Sub Terra Expansion Miniatures Set (with colour coded rings)

  • 1x Sub Terra Core Edition

  • 1x Sub Terra Annihilation Expansion

  • 1x Sub Terra Investigation Expansion

  • 1x Sub Terra Extraction Expansion

  • 1x Sub Terra Graphic Novel

  • 1x Sub Terra Development Diaries

  • 1x Sub Terra Dice Bag

  • 1x Keychain UV Torch