Last Aurora - Project Athen
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Last Aurora - Project Athen

Code de produit : ARTG013

Code UPC :8054181514629

Project Athena is the first expansion of Last Aurora, where players have lost the Aurora and have to cross a new map fighting with Athena, a powerful Artificial Intelligence which destroyed the planet.

The game introduces new cards and mechanics:
  • New type of Survivor (the Android).
  • New type of Enemy (Automatic Turret).
  • New amazing resource, the Nuclear battery, which allows players to activate unique powers on Convoy cards.
  • Alert mechanic, which represents the attention each player has from Athena's Armies, which influence many aspect of the game.


1 Road board
20 Exploration cards
2 Object cards
6 Enemy cards
6 Loot cards
3 Alert Scan cards
4 Alert counters
5 Automatic Turret counters
10 Nuclear Battery counters
  • Langue : English