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Code de produit : AG1410

Code UPC :9781589781832

  • Godsforge is a fast-paced, card-and-dice, battle game published by Atlas Games
  • Players are spellcasters who battle to control the dwindling Etherium, a primal resource, which can now only be found at a single location dubbed the Godsforge
  • Dice combinations are used to solve mini puzzles and earn materials used to build an army of ancient monsters and cast spells to defeat enemies.

  • Godsforge features simultaneous play, with each player attacking the player to their left and defending against the player on their right. 
  • On a turn, everyone simultaneously rolls four dice, then each player lays one of their four cards face down in front of them. 
  • In any order you want, players reveal those cards, paying the cost of them via specific numbers on rolled dice, the sum of rolled dice, veilstones, or a combination of the above
  • On the dice, 1s can be any number you wish, while an unused 6 can be spent to acquire a veilstone.

  • Spells provide one-shot effects, while Creations go into play in front of you, with some of them providing one-shot "enter play" abilities in addition to possible attack and defense values and sacrifice abilities. 
  • Once all the cards have been resolved, players assess damage comparing their attack value against their target's defense. 
  • You then discard any cards you don't want, then refill your hand to four.

  • Card Game
  • Dice

  • Dice Rolling
  • Simultaneous Action Selection

  • Auteur : Brendan Stern
  • Artiste : Diego L. Rodriguez
  • Nombre de joueurs : 2-4
  • Durée : 20-40 Min
  • Âge recommandé : 14+
  • Langue : English