Magic the Gathering: Core 2020 Boosters
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Magic the Gathering: Core 2020 Boosters

Code de produit : WOCC6022

Core Set 2020 brings resonant characters, core Magic gameplay, and a few new twists along the way. Core Set 2020 releases July 12 everywhere, with prereleases for WPN stores on July 5, 6, & 7th.

A booster display contains:
  • 15 cards per pack
  • 36 packs per booster display
  • 6 booster displays per case
Notes for WPN Stores & Prerelease information:

Prerelease Weekend - July 5th, 6th, & 7th
Note that Prereleases can now be booked starting on Friday at 3pm.  
If you have not yet scheduled your prereleases, you do have until the day before prerelease, but check out the article below to see why you don't want to wait:

Buy-a-Box Boosters - You may notice a change in your Buy-A-Box booster allocations.  With the new metrics in place starting with Core 2020, your Buy-a-Box numbers may have gone up or down, contact your rep to confirm your numbers.  If you need more information regarding the changes to the metrics, check out the link below:

Open House & Prerelease Planeswalker Decks - You are able to sell Core 2020 Planeswalker Decks at both the Open House and during Prerelease weekend.  Every store is able to order 4 displays of planeswalker decks to sell during these events combined.  Let your rep know, how many you want for each event (max 4).  You can always order more for release week.