Infinity: Le Manuel de Jeu (3eme Edition)(BOOK)(FR)
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Infinity: Le Manuel de Jeu (3eme Edition)(BOOK)(FR)

Code de produit : COR289502

Code UPC :2895020000004

Know all the basic and advanced rules, learn revealing background histories of your favourite factions and look in awe at amazing artwork and model displays for Infinity the game with this high-quality third edition rulebook. This is an essential for all Infinity gamers or collectors as these book provides streamlined rules for efficient gameplay and should counter any issues from opponents and new model profiles for more fun up to date abilities, making for a bigger and better game all around. The Infinity Third Edition Rulebook is printed in full colour. This product contains 2 books, one 180-page book containing background information and another 272-page book containing all the rules for Infinity the Game. Both books are supplied in a decorative hardcover storage sleeve Please note:

One copy of the Infinity Third Edition Rulebook supplied in French
  • Langue : French