Infinity: CodeOne: Beyond Kaldstrom Expansion Pack
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Infinity: CodeOne: Beyond Kaldstrom Expansion Pack

Code de produit : COR280033-0828

Code UPC :2800330008282

The perfect complement for the Operation Kaldstrom Battle Pack. On the frozen plains of Svalarheima, the PanOceanian WinterFor and Yu Jing’s White Banner Army clash in their fight for the resources of that planet.  

Recommended product for Infinity CodeOne.


1x Locust (Marksmanship L1) (Marksman Rifle)
1x Varg (Spitfire)
1x Bøyg (Missile Launcher)

Yu Jing
1x Shàng Jí Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) (Missile Launcher)
1x Ye Mao (AP Spitfire)
1x Jing Qo (AP Spitfire)

  • Système : Infinity
  • Clan : PanOceania + Yu Jing
  • Type de modèle : Metal
  • Scale : 28 mm
  • Emballage : Box
  • Attributes : Assembly Required, Unpainted