Infinity: Ariadna 5th Minutemen Regiment "Ohio"
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Infinity: Ariadna 5th Minutemen Regiment "Ohio"

Code de produit : COR280186-0635

Code UPC :2801860006359

The Minutemen are the most professional and battle-tested unit of the USAriadnan military force. In the best Ranger tradition, they are a small, elite, assault force capable of great mobility and quick regrouping.

This box includes four miniatures: one Minuteman with AP HMG, one Minuteman with Boarding Shotgun, one Minuteman with Missile Launcher, and one Minuteman with AP rifle. This box is a great complement to the USAriadna Ranger Force Starter Pack (COR280175-0600) and allows players to create a Minutemen Fireteam.

  • Type de modèle : Plastic
  • Attributes : Assembly Required, Unpainted