Guild Ball: Falconers Guild - Team Pack (6) - Daughter of Falcons
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Guild Ball: Falconers Guild - Team Pack (6) - Daughter of Falcons

Code de produit : SFGBFAL-001

  • Preparation and Assembly Required
  • Unpainted High Quality Miniatures
  • Not For Use for Children Under 3 Years

As leader of her flock, the Daughter of Falcons directs her team with merciless efficiency, isolating her prey methodically before the skies darken and death plummets from above. On the rare occasion her victim might escape their fate, it is only because Devana has instead chosen to steal the ball, directing it away to her teammates and safety. 

With the ruthless stare of their eyes similar to the flash of cold steel, the Falconer’s Guild relentlessly stalk their prey, harrying their foes from afar before ruthlessly closing in for the kill. Nowhere on the pitch can be truly safe from a fate borne upon the wings of the great birds, command of the skies affording the Falconers a tactical breadth previously unknown to the Empire of the Free Cities. 
Box Contents:

  • Devana (Captain)
  • Frelsi (Mascot)
  • Ikaros
  • Mataagi
  • Minerva
  • Rundaas
  • Ball Token (Bunny)
  • Goal Token (Falcon Post)
  • 3D Terrain Piece (Rough Ground)
  • Cards
  • Tokens
  • Health Dials