E-Raptor Card Holder - 6S DIY Elven
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E-Raptor Card Holder - 6S DIY Elven

Code de produit : ERAPT14

Code UPC :5902596936976

Easy to assemble before gameplay and disassemble after it. Fits about 200 cards.


length 8,8 cm
width 36,2 cm
height 6,5 cm
Made of high quality plywood

Space for cards: 53x75+ mm 

All our products are designed to fit sleeved cards

Standardized for cards with/without sleeves:

Arkham Horror 
Battlestar Galactica (small) 
Black Sheep 
Cave Troll 
Dungeon Twister
Galloping Pigs
Hare & Tortoise
Red November
Summoner Trinity
Talisman 4th edition
Twilight Imperium
World of Warcraft: the Adventure Game 
World of Warcraft: The Boardgame
and more...
For cards:
Mini American

Mini European