E-Raptor Card Holder 3L MFF Mech
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E-Raptor Card Holder 3L MFF Mech

Code de produit : ERAPT24

Code UPC :5902643190825

The 3L MFF Mech Card Holder is made of high quality Plexiglas with beautiful, improved overprint.The overprint is way better than anything we have printed on this material before. Every Card Holder is easy to assemble and can be assembled without glue. Save space on table and prevent piles of cards from collapsing. Perfect accessory to help players keep playing area in order and improve the game itself.It can hold about 170 sleeved and 230 non-sleeved cards.Standardized for cards with/without sleeves:Age of ConanBang!BohnanzaBrassCash and GunsColorettoCowboys: The Way of the GunFluxxGalaxy TruckerGame of Thrones Board GameGhost StoriesHannibalKingsburgMagic the GatheringMare NostrumMunchkinOnce Upon a TimePoisonRoboRallySaboteurShadows Over CamelotTichuTicket To RideTide Of IronWar of the RingWarcraft The Board GameWorld of Warcraft: The Adventure GameWorld of Warcraft: The Board GameYu-Gi-Oh CCGand many more...