Mexican Train Deluxe Domino Set (With Numbers)
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Mexican Train Deluxe Domino Set (With Numbers)

Code de produit : UGA54102

Mexican Train Deluxe Traditional Domino Set
Includes 91 professional-sized double 12 dominoes with jumbo color dots, a dual-use 50-page score pad, electronic centerpiece with
train and rooster sounds, 8 glitter train markers, and rules for Mexican Train, Chickenfoot and 6 other popular games. 

Everything stores inside the trainshaped collector tin.

  • ?91 Professional, Double-12 Number Dominoes
  • Electronic Dual-Sound Centerpiece for Mexican Dominoes and Chickenfoot
  • 9 Train Markers
  • 50-Page Dual-Use Scorepad for Mexican Train and Chickenfoot
  • Rules for 4 Games