Units Coin Set (30pc) ^ Q4 2019
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Units Coin Set (30pc) ^ Q4 2019

Code de produit : DRAWSS0-UNI

Code UPC :740120937373

The Units Coin Set is a generic set of metal coins that is ideal for players who want to enhance their games with the heft of metal tokens.

Make all your games special with these denominated metal coins!


Gold "5"
Silver "3"
Copper "1"


19 copper coins
8 silver coins
3 gold coins


Copper Diameter: 23.5 mm, Thickness: 31.5 mm
Silver Diameter: 26.8 mm, Thickness: 31.5 mm
Gold Diameter: 29.6 mm, Thickness: 31.5 mm

Coins are made from Zinc alloy.