Spartan Coin Set(24pc) ^ Q4 2019
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Spartan Coin Set(24pc) ^ Q4 2019

Code de produit : DRAWSS0-SPA

Code UPC :740120937359

Ancient Spartans were elite and disciplined soldiers, with daily training and war being a major aspect of their culture. You can observe all these characteristics in this coin set from Drawlabs Entertainment.

The Spartan Coin Set is an ideal token set for players who want to enhance their games with cultural aesthetic of the Spartans.


10 copper coins
8 silver coins
6 gold coins


Copper Diameter: 33.6 mm, Thickness: 2.8 mm
Silver Diameter: 33.6 mm, Thickness: 3.0 mm
Gold Diameter: 32.9 mm, Thickness: 3.0 mm  

Coins are made from Zinc alloy.