My Very First Games: First Orchard
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My Very First Games: First Orchard

Code de produit : HAB3177

Code UPC :4010168031774

First Orchard is a simplified variation of the classic "Orchard" game that has been enjoyed by families for over 30 years.

Adapted to suit younger players, this game has players working as a team, trying to pick the fruits from the trees before the raven reaches the end of the path.

This cooperative game is designed to foster social skills and understanding of game rules, develop color recognition skills and teach counting by ones.


1 Raven
1 fruit basket 
4 green apples 
4 red apples 
4 yellow pears 
4 blue plums 
5 path cards 
4 trees 
1 color-symbol die 
Set of game instructions 

  • Auteur : Anneliese Farkaschovsky
  • Artiste : Jutta Neundorfer
  • Nombre de joueurs : 1-4
  • Durée : 10 minutes
  • Âge recommandé : 2+
  • Langue : English / Chinese / French / German / Spanish