Valley of the Kings Premium
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Valley of the Kings Premium

Code de produit : AEG7036

In this Deck Building, Hand Management and Set Collection game players take on the role of Egyptian Kings and Queens preparing for their journey to the next life. gain cards and arrange them in pyramid shape to fill your tomb with resources like food, statues and amulets.
Cards located at the bottom of the pyramid are available for purchase and hiding away in your tomb to score points.

Valley of the Kings Premium Editions contains all cards from Valley of the Kings, Afterlife and Last Rites. fifth and sixth player expansions, dividers for all the cards, and solo play rules. 
  • Auteur : Tom Cleaver
  • Artiste : Banu Andaru, MAtt Paquette
  • Nombre de joueurs : 1-6
  • Durée : 45-60 min
  • Âge recommandé : 14+